Welcome! I'm so glad you're taking a moment to be here. This site is dedicated to providing brief, solution-focused mental health and wellness interventions that are easy to access and implement in daily life. While this is not intended to take the place of traditional counseling, there will be brief therapy and counseling resources posted here for anyone to access. I will cover a variety of topics which are likely to be influenced from weekly themes I have noticed either personally, socially, or politically. There will be new content available every Wednesday! 

I am an LCSW and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. The pandemic crisis prompted me to create an accessible space where people can access support without having to worry about cost or leaving their home. Each week I will cover a different topic and provide coping skills, resources, and brief interventions with the hopes that they resonate with or benefit someone, somewhere. I believe that the smallest of changes can have the greatest of impacts - so if this blog touches just one person in a positive way, that connection and its ripple effects will have mattered greatly. 

Life is challenging. Allow yourself grace & space....grace to make mistakes, and space to grow. Maybe some of what I provide here will help you on that journey*.

*The information posted here is not meant to replace clinical or medical advice. Always seek support from a doctor or in person mental health professional if you have concerns for your well-being